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Tired but happy after the wedding night in our own little cottage.

What the...

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Christian said when we started driving. Something was sounding very strange. We suspect Aja.


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It's a can of Fanta.

The honeymoon

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Thanks to my parents, we got one night at Grythyttan as a honeymoon. We enjoyed it a lot!


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Quite some room we got.
But what impressed most on Christian was when the receptionist said "Oh, yes, and you have the seven course meal tonight."
His eyes shone!


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Champagne, strawberries and chocolate cake - what more can you wish for?

Nice bed!

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Quite a nice setting for a short honeymoon!

Some champagne?

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in the bath, maybe?

The entrance

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to our room

Monday morning

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in the sleepy little town of Grythyttan

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