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The bartender for at least half the evening.

Crazy family

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Christian, beware!


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We don't really know who came up with this brilliant idea.
It looks like Hanna and Pär to the left, and maybe Kaija and Ervin... Wait, did I just say Kaija? Then I understand!

Father and daughter

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Are they trying to imitate each other?

Mother and son in law

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Don't they look alike, too? Is this some kind of competition?

In the sofa...

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Mattias and Minna. Not trying to imitate anyone.

A trio

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Tobbe, Gessie and Tania are having fun.

The Iceland brothers

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Hmm. Something seems to be lacking in this picture, don't you think?


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Aja, then the picture is complete!

Working, all night

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Thomas never forget to raise his camera. Thousands of pictures came from his camera, but not this one.

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