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The bridal bouquet to be

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This we bought in a little shop close to the embassy. It will be my bridal bouquet, very soon.

Soon, very soon

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This is the person who is going to wed us. His name is Mikael Lindström and he's the Swedish Ambassador to Tokyo.

Not really yet...

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But very soon we'll be man and wife.

Listening carefully

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We are very attentive.

Now we are almost there

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Exchanging rings. Exciting. Since we didn't have any engagement rings, this feels very good.

He looks happy!

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I probably look the same...

THE kiss

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The ambassador is happy as well.

The drinks

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Jenny servs us the mandatory drink after the ceremony. Sherry it was.

The signature

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Signatures are important. This is the third one he's writing today. There will be a couple more before everything is correct.

Proofreading is important!

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